Sunday, May 1, 2011

Just Another Relaxing Sunday, Really, It Was.

Well, that was the plan anyway. Enter Dog and Toddler.

The older three Sloth children were at their dad's for the weekend.  Mr. Sloth was at work.  Sophia slept until 8:30.  (We won't even discuss how late she was up last it was sort of a trade-off).

Speaking of last night...I mentioned a possible trip to the park (with the dog) to Sophia.  You know that was the first thing she mentioned this morning.  I held her off for a few hours.  I was able to feed her breakfast and get her to watch a video while I got a little bit of work done.  That's when Sophia tried to shut my door.  That's never a good thing.  Ever.

By the time I was able to see why, she had pushed the vacuum up to the back door, unlatched the newly (as in two days ago) installed lock and let the dog out.  Again.

The dog was nowhere to be found, so I went about getting both of us dressed and ready to go to the park.  I knew the,, sweet little puppy would come home.  I went outside, armed with the leash - that's usually the best trick.  She likes to go for walks, so I can usually get her close enough to me to grab her collar, and then put the leash on.  Doggy wasn't falling for this today.    I set the leash down on the steps, walked back TWO STEPS to shut the front door -- and the dog grabbed the leash and took off down the street.

I'm sure the new neighbors are impressed so far.

I finally got the dog harnessed and managed to get Sophia into her carseat while not losing the dog.  I put the dog into the car and we headed for the park.

I failed to remember the "no pets" sign on the outside of the wooden play area.

Sooooo we walked through the park to the "your mama used to play on these things when they still worked" area of the playground.

Things were shaping up to make a turnaround when Sophia wanted to play on the merry-go-round.  As she was stepping off, pup took off past her, and caught her with the leash, tripping her.  She really was fine and no blood was even drawn, but you would have thought the world was ending.  I ended up carrying a crying Sophia (who was clutching her "skinned knee") with one arm and wrestling the dog who wanted to go play with the fresh batch of kids that had just arrived with the other across the park to the van.

Sophia just wanted to "go sleep."  I should have listened, but instead, I decided to try to feed her first.  Burger King no longer serves macaroni and cheese.  This was a source of disappointment for Sophia, so much so, that she refused to eat anything else.

We laid down for exactly 75 minutes before I gave up on the nap and decided to take her to visit my parents. (I left the dog at home).

We were there for exactly 5 minutes before she fell asleep in my lap.

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