Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Not the Kind of W(h)ine I Enjoy

Despite the heat advisory/warning/whateveritsfreakinghot - we decided to take the kids to Allerton Park today.

The whining began at lunch.  I stopped for pizza at a place called Filippo's in Monticello.  They offered bacon on pizza.  BACON.  Not Canadian Bacon (which we all know, is just a fancy name for ham) but real, live (ok, not live, but you know what I mean) BACON.  And Garlic.  Oh, how I love roasted garlic (although, to be fair, I think they just used that stuff from the jar...slackers).  Cody whined.  Monical's is better.  He didn't want root beer (I ordered a pitcher).  He wanted Coke.  He didn't want bacon on his pizza (whose kid is this?) Emily whined.  Too much cheese. (WHAT is wrong with these kids?)

Then we got to the park.  It was too hot.  Although, being a hater of winter, I don't complain.  We walked through a very nicely manicured garden.  Then we walked a trail - I'm thinking shade = good.  Whine. Whine. More whine.  Sydney got a blister.  But really, I'm not going to fault her.  She didn't complain much and she carried Sophia for a large part of the trail.  Cody complained that Maine was better.  Cooler temps.  Better scenery.  Moose.  Emily, well, she just complained.  She wants to go back when it's 70.  I will be holding her to that.  And I get to feed her to a rabid coyote if she whines even once.

And Greg...says he didn't even get any good pictures.

Oddly, Sophia didn't really complain.

Heh.  I had fun.  

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