Saturday, August 6, 2011

Wild Saturday at The House of Sloth

 It's just me and the Fia Sloth today.  Mr. Sloth had a flat tire and since he had to be at work an hour away at 4 a.m. - well, he took my van.

So today, Sophia and I did the following:

  • Work (well, I did)  I did some work for one client, but you'd think I'd have done a lot more today considering I was pretty much stuck at home.  Me?  Not so much with the time management today.
  • Urbana Farmer's Market  Tuscola Farmer's market.  I don't think the stroller has 50 miles of life in it.
  • Take Fia to the Pool - I hate pushing the stroller. Even for a mile.
  • Chasing the dog down the street after Sophia let her out.  Again.
  • Watching the Bieber movie.  Twice. Nope, three times.  As I'm typing this, she restarted it.
Mr. Sloth has to work again at 4 a.m.  He'll probably need to be asleep by 7:30.  I expect tomorrow to be equally as exciting as today. 

Next week will make up for it.  I'll be begging for some down time.  Aside from all of the work I'll have to do, Dancer Sloth has dance in some form or another every day Tuesday-Sunday - including choreography workshops and  two days of all-day intensives next weekend. ( Dance Rogue ).  Emily and I will be doing a one-mile fun run at the Blue Mound Fall Festival next week!  And I'll be driving a LOT.

Maybe I'll stop whining about being bored.  Probably not though.

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