Monday, August 8, 2011

Where Did Summer Go?

Soon, the elder Sloth children will be off to school - and despite my apparent excitement to register them today (I thought today was Tuesday and wondered why the parking lot was so empty), I'm really not all that excited about it.  Give me two more weeks and I probably would be.  I just feel like the break went way too fast.  They spent almost two weeks on vacation with their dad and then Cody Sloth spent two weeks in Maine with my dad.  (The girls, Greg, and I spent a week in Kentucky).  But,wow, it went fast.

Summer will still be here in temperature for awhile--that should make school fun.  This year, all three of them will be in buildings without air conditioning.  I'm not looking forward to the asthma episodes that this will likely cause Emily.  Then again, the change to fall will do it, no matter what kind of building she's in.

Fia Sloth will miss her kids terribly.  She will also likely raise my blood pressure considerably. She will get to start dance in September.  That may be the most glorious hour of her week.  She's beyond excited.

Me?  Well, I don't mind fall so much, it's just knowing that that stupid season that follows it is coming.  And to say I don't like it is a dramatic understatement.  I'm sure there will be many a blog post complaining about it.  Look for them to start around December 1.

I suppose I can't stop the march of time.  I'm sure I was just registering Cody for kindergarten, while trying to keep Sydney by my side and carrying Emily in an infant seat.  Now he's a sophomore, Sydney is in her last year of middle school, and Emily in her first.  I think I'll ask you to remind me of that when Fia starts climbing the walls and making me crazy two weeks into the school year.

As for the dog...well, I have no sentiment of "remember when" so she'll just have to suffer my wrath when she's being a pest because she's bored with her kids gone. :-)

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