Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Newly Discovered Peace Will Not Affect The Snark

An awesome person said something to me yesterday.  She said, "I am Switzerland." Now, I know, it's a quote from a Twilight movie, but we'll just brush that aside for now. (Not hating...calm down, I liked the goofy things...)

Considering that we were both stressing about different aspects of the same topic, I decided it was a good motto. I've allowed something/someone really irrelevant to cause me waaaaay to much stress. (Just read that...not saying that PERSON is irrelevant...just in MY context. ;-) ) So, all day, I was joking and hashtagging, #iamswitzerland

Then, something hilarious happened. I got not one, but TWO private messages saying, more or less, "wait, does this mean you're not going to rant and be funny anymore?"

I assure you, my new found peace will not affect my ability to bitch about things. ;-) For instance, at the doctor's office today (yes, another one, had to get that blood test I missed yesterday) there were 7 empty seats on one side of the room and 6 additional seats on the side of the room I was on. The woman that followed me in sat in the seat RIGHT NEXT TO ME.  Do I look friendly? I kinda need to know so that I can remedy that. I don't like people. Don't sit by me unless you absolutely have to.

While I'm ranting...explain to me why my insurance will cover testing strips, but not the needle to actually inject the insulin? That makes total sense. Hey, your blood sugar is 343. Rub this insulin on your skin.

I assure you, I'll still continue to complain about grouchy old people who sit on their porches and shake their heads at those meddling kids across the street. I'll continue to express my distaste for commercials and political ads and the overuse of the word amazing.  I mean, I'm not dead. Not yet, anyway. We'll discuss that after I go to the dermatologist tomorrow and they tell me I'm dying-provided I go to the right office. (See, I also make jokes when I'm really nervous and uncomfortable. ;-) )


  1. Crystal you rock!!! You better not stop these blogs....they always lift my spirits in one way or another!

  2. Um, the expression was around LONG before Twilight!!!