Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sloth Resolutions

Two years of semi-regular postings...not bad for someone as easily distracted as, I'll be right back. I forgot to turn off a light.

So... last year, I Resolved Nothing I did pretty well with it. I kept up that resolve all year long.

This year, I decided to not necessarily resolve things (though I did turn my determination to eat more raw foods into an excuse to eat cookie dough) - but I did decide (a few months ago, I'm an overachieving sloth, what can I say?) to stop letting people (four, to be exact) who make me crazy just because I have to live on the same planet as them. My frustration at what I perceive as their lack of common sense and unwarranted arrogance is not directly related to me or my happiness. (And no, don't ask because I will NOT tell you who any of these people are. That would be rude.)

Apparently, I'm also setting a goal to overuse parenthesis.

Anyway, Happy New Year and stuff.

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